Jenna Curcio for
Greece Town Board




Re-Structure the Greece Police Department

I aim to establish a team of mental health professionals to work with the Greece Police Department to specifically respond to mental health 911 calls.  This would involve a reallocation of police employment & benefit funds to hire this team while adding to the Public Safety Administration budget.  This team would function similarly to the PIC team currently in place within the city of Rochester, but would offer even more expansive services to people who are underage, or under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

I plan to also establish a Police Accountability Board, similar to the one currently functioning in the city of Rochester, led by community members and experts who will be responsible for examining police disciplinary records, and holding our law enforcement officers accountable. On top of this, I will work to end the contract established between the town and Greece's police union, also known as the Uniformed Patrolmen's Association.

Additionally, I plan to advocate for re-investing a portion of the police budget to fund community-based after-school programs and general youth recreation programs.  This would include an upgraded youth recreation center with new activities, sports leagues, gaming systems, workshops, and a Summer Youth Employment Program.

I will also work to reinstate free counseling and therapy programs through the Town of Greece that they once offered.

It's also necessary to equip our law enforcement officers with Narcan, which is a critical public safety issue previously not supported by the GPD.

​I promise to advocate for restorative justice initiatives at every opportunity.


Prioritize Section 8 & Affordable Public Housing

My plan is to focus on preventative measures that will help reduce houselessness within our community. I will do this by advocating to preserve pre-existing public housing within Greece, and advocating for the tenant's best interests through supporting the Emergency Tenant Protection Act, rent stabilization, and Good Cause eviction protection.

Another goal of mine is to establish a Community Land Trust similar to City Roots in the city of Rochester to ensure longstanding affordable housing within our town. 

I will also support grant funding for the transformation of zombie homes into affordable public housing as opposed to just revitalizing the properties themselves.

This can also be done through municipal support of the Housing Our Neighbors with Dignity Act (HONDA), which would help convert vacant hotels and office buildings into permanent housing.

Additionally, I will work to establish a contract with Person Centered Housing Options (PCHO) to begin direct outreach to houseless community members.

I believe that dedicating 50% of the area's median income to Project-Based Section 8 housing is crucial to the livelihoods of low-income members of this community.

I will advocate for any and all measures opposing the Faircloth Amendment at a town level, as well as create a widespread informational campaign related to the statewide Eviction Moratorium.


Improved Roads and Infrastructure + Green Employment Initiative

I plan to implement a Green Employment Initiative where unemployed and formerly incarcerated people are able to clean the streets, plant trees, build community gardens, and fix potholes, sidewalks, and bridges all while learning real transferrable skills.  This would be followed up by an official certification of completion given by the Town of Greece.

This program would be accomplished by re-allocating a portion of the transportation budget for this town beautification project. As an incentive, other residents that are employed and wish to volunteer could receive tax benefits similar to the current STAR program.

Additionally, I also would establish a town-wide recycling & composting program by creating several drop-off sites and composting locations within Greece and sending out a (recyclable) mailer with education for residents on these eco-friendly practices.

I will work to create a partnership with H2O Hero to establish clean water initiatives within our community, in addition to starting a public education campaign on decreasing air pollution.

I believe it is crucial to support efforts to move away from our current monopolized energy and utility system and support efforts to enact a Public Power Utility that is available to HEAP recipients and is democratically organized.


COVID Recovery Resources

It is my goal to establish a fully-equipped public testing & vaccination site in the Town of Greece for all residents to have access to. Whether this is a temporary pop-up location or a more permanent installment, I am committed to addressing the needs of our community, wherever we might be in 2022.

Greece residents deserve access to protection to help discontinue the spread of this virus, which is why I will also send out a supply of masks and hand sanitizer to each household, assuming this is still recommended by CDC guidelines when I am in office.

It's incredibly important to support local small businesses right now, which is why I will set up online resources for business owners to navigate various stimulus and grant options to help them get back on their feet. The GROW Greece program currently established by the town addresses this issue, and I will work to improve any flaws within the program. I will also support and lead a project similar in concept to Too Good To Go, which will allow low-income members of our community to purchase from local small businesses whilst helping to eliminate food waste.

Additionally, I will support small businesses by re-establishing the Greece “Welcome Wagon” basket.  This is a practice that was once done in the '60s to welcome new residents to Greece by including gifts from local stores and artisans.  Reviving this simple practice will not only establish a sense of community amongst our neighbors but support local businesses as well.


Improved Accessibility for Disabled Community Members

I plan to build a more accessible infrastructure within the Town of Greece for our disabled community members including prioritizing funding for ramps for public and private buildings, on sidewalks, and creating additional wheelchair-accessible pathways on our streets.

It is a priority of mine to advocate for any additional issues that physically disabled folks in Greece might have that can be addressed through the re-allocation of budget funds.


Expansion of Greece Residential Improvement Program

I plan to drastically increase the amount of money allocated for the Greece Residential Improvement Program for eligible Greece residents. This program will be expanded by being able to offer renewable energy resources and make solar panels more accessible to Greece community members. This will coincide with a town-wide informational campaign to help raise awareness about the program itself.


Invest in Communities of Color

Local businesses owned by people of color will be eligible to apply for a small business grant of $5,000 per year to further support their ventures.

Additionally, I will establish a cultural program for immigrants within our community which will involve monthly events highlighting residents that have immigrated from different areas of the world to enrich cultural life in the Town of Greece.  This would include a market selling homemade goods and crafts (similar to public market/farmer’s market), movie nights, music & dance nights.

I will also work to create a yearly cultural calendar sent out to Greece residents highlighting members of our own community.  I plan on implementing a bi-annual food festival held in the summer & winter featuring cuisine from several different countries with full participation from immigrant community members in Greece.

With every opportunity I am presented with as a Town Board member, I will advocate for and participate in pro-immigration community outreach.


Advocate for Working Class Programs

I will work to establish a public education program encouraging workers to form unions based on trade, including a full informational campaign w/ local union reps involved.

I also aim to create a public financial literacy program & informational campaign in partnership with the Greece Federal Credit Union. Beyond that, I plan on educating community members and advocating for the establishment of a Public Bank in the Town of Greece.

Additionally, I plan to launch an informational campaign for veterans that will include resources for benefits and other federal, state, and local aid that they are eligible for.

I believe that establishing a series of educational teach-ins, panels, and workshops to promote accessible and free public political education is incredibly important.  There are so many difficult yet necessary conversations going on that require insight from experts on the topic, and the community needs to have access to this information.  This is why I will establish a contract with 540 West Main, and other local activist groups and organizations to not only bring a wealth of knowledge to the people of Greece, but to answer questions that they might have about a number of topics.


Greece Mutual Aid Employment Program

I plan on starting a mutual aid program similar to Roc Mutual Aid but specifically in the Town of Greece.  This would involve paid employees & those completing community service hours to coordinate and organize pick-ups, drop-offs, donations, and identifying people in need including senior citizens.

In conjunction with this, I will work to establish a Food Not Bombs chapter with free food pantries at multiple locations throughout the Town of Greece.


Re-Imagine Town Zoning Policies

If not otherwise occupied, I am aiming to replace former “Sears” location in the Mall at Greece Ridge with a medical building equipped with proper COVID testing and vaccination equipment. Whether this is a temporary pop-up location or a more permanent installment, I am committed to addressing the needs of our community, wherever we might be in 2022.

I also fully support community revitalization projects & allocating more green space on Lake Ontario to generate local tourism and promote positive environmental practices.

We need to bring our public parks into the 21st century by providing free and accessible public wifi, and Bluetooth-equipped benches throughout the town.

Additionally, vacant plazas can be replaced and restructured to transform Into community gardens and park space.


Progressive Property Taxes

The Town of Greece currently has some of the highest property taxes in Monroe County. As someone who consistently advocates for the best interests of working families, I fully support shifting Greece's current tax system to one that allows for a lower tax rate for those who own homes valued under $350,000 and a higher tax rate for those who own homes valued at $350,000 or higher. This effort will also help to address the racial wealth gap in this community.

Equity for the LGBTQIA+ Community

Equity for the LGBTQIA+ Community

I am committed to Implementing and expanding anti-discriminatory policies within the Town of Greece government and publicly funded departments. Additionally, I fully support funding for local LGBTQIA+ resource groups and organizations that will participate in direct outreach with community members.

I will also establish an equity committee to regularly weigh in on Town of Greece policies comprised of members of marginalized communities. They will provide guidance on how to best leverage any federal or state grants that would benefit LGBTQIA+ folks in the Greece community.

It is also my goal to celebrate Pride Month by holding Greece's first-ever Pride parade! I promise to revoke licenses of businesses that violate any and all nondiscrimination laws, as well.

I believe it is imperative to work with local organizers and LGBTQIA+ members of the community to better address individual concerns on a regular basis to establish a sense of true allyship and representation.